Armadillo World Radio Texas Country’s Hot New Music Station
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If you're looking for a station you can tune in to, kick back and hear hours and hours of great Texas Oldies, this isn't one of them.

The sole purpose of Armadillo World Radio is New Music Discovery. Armadillo World Radio serves as a global platform for exposing top new songs from today’s hottest Texas Country artists.

Our mission is to create a heightened level of new music awareness which rapidly facilitates the familiarity necessary for our listeners to establish new “Favorite," Texas Country songs.

We hope that upon discovery of a song you love; you complete the connection between you and that Artist by supporting their efforts and purchasing his or her piece of music. Then, play the song for all of your friends and encourage them to do the same.

If you enjoy keeping up with the freshest new Texas Country, you'll love Armadillo World Radio. Dad spends all his time clawin' though the new Red Dirt, diggin' out the hits.

So, check us out a couple minutes here and there and within a few hours, you'll be updated on all of this week’s hot new Texas Country. Plus, a few recent throwbacks tossed in for variety.

Tell your friends!

Wil "O." 

Armadillo World Radio Texas Country Music Radio Station

About Arnie Texas Country’s Hot New Music Station
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Armadillo World Radio is owned and operated by Arnold E. "Arnie" Dillo.” You might say Texas Music's in Arnie's blood. Family stories passed down, claim Arnie's Great, Grand Dad, "Armand Dillo," once ran into Texas Swing legend Bob Wills. Unfortunately, the meeting occurred late one night under the right front tire of Bob Will's white El Dorado.

Arnie Dillo - Armadillo World Radio Texas Country Music

Arnie was born on March 6th and shares the same birthday as Bob Wills. A coincidence that led Arnie to believe he was destined for career in music. Throughout high school, he played in a number of bands. Upon graduation, without his parent’s permission, Arnie got a job as a member of a back-up band on a Galveston cruise ship, headed for Europe. However, after the ship was a float, a tryst with cute young passenger, (the now Mrs. Dillo) got Arnie fired and kicked off the boat as soon as it docked in England.

Broke, homesick, with nothing but a smoke and a cheap guitar, Arnie played his heart out in London coffee shops, telling his story to anyone who'd listen while trying to earn money to get back home. Although it sounds like a country song but Arnie himself will tell you, it's just happenstance. Many say otherwise. When it comes to being homesick for Texas, there's a little 'Dillo in the heart of all of us.

Arnie had a great run as a spokes-dillo for a local beverage company. As fate would have it, an auto accident closed the curtain on Arnie's on-camera career, when his shell was permanently scarred by a tread mark from a Ford F150's 235/70/16.

Any other 'dillo would have gone toes up but not Arnie! He picked himself up, dusted off his shell and enrolled in radio school to become a DJ.

One afternoon, the program director from the big hometown station spoke to Arnie's class and invited a few students to apply for an overnight DJ position at his station. No one from the class applied for the position. They were all too afraid, except, for Arnie. He was there at sunrise the next morning, sitting on the steps, waiting for the station's doors to open.

When the morning DJ pulled up an saw Arnie waiting in the parking lot he invited him into the control room to wait safely for the program director to arrive.

A little after 8:30 that morning the program director met Arnie and walked him to his office. After hearing Arnie's demo, he said Arnie needed more experience. When Arnie asked, “How do I get experience?” The program director told him, “Find yourself a job in a smaller market. That’s how I did it!” Arnie thanked the program director for his time and advice, drove home, packed his bags, loaded his car up with a bag full of his Mom's sandwiches and a Styrofoam ice chest full of Big Red and proceeded to dive around Texas until

he found a job. Three days later, on November 16th, 1971, Arnie began his career as DJ in Victoria, Texas. Since then, Arnie's worked and programmed top rated stations all over Texas including, Victoria, College Station - Bryan, San Angelo, Corpus Christi, Houston, San Antonio, El Paso, Dallas - Fort Worth and throughout the U.S. His only goal, building radio stations that Kick Ass!

Arnie says, You don’t need a crystal ball to tell you radio sucks. Armadillo World Radio proves it doesn’t have to!

Driven underground, in his corporate war against ugly radio, Arnie has burrowed his way deep into the Heart of Texas where he lives and works with his wife Ima, daughter Amie and son Wil "O." in their underground studio-bunker.

We hope you enjoy all the new music.

Arnie & Ima Dillo

Want Us To Play Your Song?
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If you'd like to submit your Band's music for possible airplay, Email my Dad for our address. We'd love to hear it. However, please keep in mind that only a tiny fraction of a percentage of the songs released each year ever receive airplay.

To be considered, bands/artists must work 30% or more of their schedule in Texas and/or it's adjoining states.

All music must be accompanied with Band/Artist name, song title, album art or equivalent, all royalty information, writer, publishing company, year, etc. CD's are to be accompanied by a track list featuring the above information.

Only broadcast quality materials will be considered. Music must be accompanied by a valid email address, street address, full name, website, if any, and valid telephone number.

No press kits, please.

Submitting your music absolutely, in no way guarantees of implies that your song will be added or ever played on the station. We are not responsible for materials that are lost in the delivery process and all submissions become the property of the station and will not be returned.

Oh yeah. Please, don't send MP3's without asking my Dad first. He only accepts Mp3's from the artist or their management company and even then, you still gotta provide all the qualifications listed above.

Thanks for listening,

Amie Dillo